Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hoegaarden ; my No.1 Beer

My love, My favorite, Hoegaarden Brewery.

One summer early evening, something captured my and my friends' eyes on the way back home after we finished a class.
that is; Hoegaarden draft beer pub!!

I can't forget the day's memory. Blowing cool breeze, with the setting sun, a cup of cold Hoegaarden beer quenched our thirsty at once.
The taste was a bit sweet and fragrant too. Anyways it couldn't have been better!

Hoegaarden is a Belgian brewery. Its origin date back to 14th century and it is named after the village 'Hoegaarden' in Belgium.
This beer has some unique ingredients, coriander and dried Curaçao orange peel known as Laraha, so it has softly sweet and fresh flavor.
In addition to that, it has the natural golden cloudy color because of the secondary addition of yeast.

☆ Additional Tip!

The way to drink Hoegaarden! (bottle)

01. Pouring: pour in cool glass(for Hoegaarden only).
02. Shaking: shake the bottle two or three times to mix the remained of yeast.
03. Pouring till the end: pour till the tip of the glass (around the logo).

※ reference of 'the way to drink Hoegaarden'

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