Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long Island Iced Tea ; a sweet temptation

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Whenever I go to bar, I often order a Long Island Iced Tea. Because I can enjoy not only the sweetish flavor of tea but also a high alcohol concentration. So if you drink this cocktail, you can get both chances to have a lot of fun and a little bit relaxation with tipsiness.
Long Island Iced Tea was first served in the late 1970s by Robert Butts, a bartender at the Oak Beach Inn, in the Town of Babylon, Long Island, New York. Since the color of the cocktail looked like the color of the sunset at Long Island beach and it has tea flavor too, so the drink had the name, Long Island Iced Tea.
Although this sweet cocktail needs 5 different alcohol ingredients, it apparently deserves to be tried! Let's see the recipe.

▷ Ingredients
- 1/2 oz triple sec
- 1/2 oz light rum
- 1/2 oz gin
- 1/2 oz vodka
- 1/2 oz tequila
- 1 or 2 oz sour mix (if you don't have it, lemon juice is also okay)
- cola
- lemon wedge for garnish (Optional!)

▷ Direction

1. Pour the triple sec, light rum, gin, vodka, tequila and sour mix into a shaker with ice
2. Shake about 10 times
3. Pour the drink into a collins glass
4. Top the glass off with cola
5. Garnish with the lemon wedge

※ Caution: If you are a female beginner in alcohol, please be careful when you try this cocktail especially with a strange guy. The first taste is sweet and really good, but it may make you drunk a little when you finish it. So..Watch out for guys who suggest you to drink a Long Island Iced Tea at bar. He may be coming on you!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fried Slice Potatoes ; The easiest food in the world?!

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"Fried Slice Potatoes"


4 Potatoes, 1 Carrot, 1/3 spoon Minced garlic, Herb Salt, Sesame, Oil.

(If you want to, add mushrooms, onions or green pepper.)

 [How to make]

(1) Wash the potatoes and the Carrot then peel them.

(2) Slice them.

(3) Put them into water to protect to become sticky
                                        (It’s because of Starch)

(4) Oil a pan and put the potatoes and the carrot.

(5) Put other ingredients. (Minced garlic, Herb Salt)

(6) Fry until it becomes crisp.

(7) Put sesame over the food and Enjoy it!

You don't have time to cook but you want to something special? Here is the easiest food in the world.
It takes only 20-30 mins to make. Serve with the rice. You'll like it.

This food is one of my favorite side dish. When I was a middle school student, my parents were busy so sometimes I had to cook for me and my younger sister. I don't like Kimchi at that time (Now, I can't live without that!) So I cooked this for lunch. Now you know, this food is really easy to make! Even a middle school student can cook! In addtion to that, the fried slice potato is  really delicious XD. You'll want to eat this everytime! Never get bored!

Chianti ; Beautiful Italian wine

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Last year, as I was staying in Rome, stopping by a restaurant to have some authentic Italian food and wine, I realized I had never given Chianti enough credit. While it doesn't have the deep profundity of Brunello, its high-class cousin to the south, there are a lot of beautiful, honest, unassuming wines made in some of the world's most beautiful hill country. 

Chianti is not so expensive wine compared to other wines from famous vineries. Despite its lack of deep aroma, Chianti has its own attraction. If you are looking for a good quality of exotic wine for reasonable price, pick up Chianti at market. It won't let you down.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tom Yum Soup ; Thai Spicy soup

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Try this Spicy soup
This month has been mostly cold and wet–lots of rain, cloudy, and yucky. I feel moody when the sky is grey. On chilly and gloomy days, I usually make myself Tom Yum soup to lift my spirit. Nothing feels better than downing a bowl of piping hot, spicy, sour, and highly addictive Tom Yum soup…
Tom Yum is probably one of the most well-known dishes from Thailand. It’s uniquely Thai and has become so famous that they made a movie with the name “Tom Yum Goong.”
▷ Ingredients
2 1/2 cups shrimp stock
10-12 shrimp or 8 oz (head-on and shell-on but chop the eyes part off. Devein if you wish)
3 tablespoons lime juice
6 bird’s eyes chilies (pounded)
3 slices galangal
6 kaffir lime leaves (bruised)
2 tablespoons
nam prik pao (Thai roasted chili paste)
2 teaspoons fish sauce or to taste
1 stalk lemongrass (use the white part only, pounded with a cleaver)
6 canned straw mushrooms / fresh oyster mushrooms / fresh or canned button mushrooms

1.In a pot, bring 3 cups of water to boil. Then add a big handful of shrimp/prawn heads.
2.Boil the shrimp head until the water turns slightly orange in color. Press the shrimp heads with spatula to extract the “goodies” from their heads. Let the stock reduce to slightly more than 2 1/2 cups.
3.Drain the shrimp stock and discard the shrimp heads.
4.Add lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, bird’s eye chilies, mushrooms, nam prik bao to the shrimp stock and bring it to boil. Add in the shrimp and fish sauce.
5.Add the lime juice (if you add lime juice too early, the soup might turn bitter). Boil until the shrimps are cooked, dish out and serve hot.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Okonomiyaki; Japanese Pizza

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Shall we try 'Okonomiyaki'?

Have you ever heard about Okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki was invented in Osaka in Japan and these days, it is internationally gaining in popularity beyond the whole Japan. Okonomiyaki has basically sweetish flavor pretty similar to Teriyaki sauce, and you can put any topping in it whatever you want as the meaning of the name-'Okonomi' means what you like and 'Yaki' means grilled. But the most popular toppings are pork and shrimp. The basic ingredients are not fatty and included some vegetables so that Okonomiyaki is pretty good for health and diet as well as the taste. It looks like a kind of pizza, so it can be simply explained like 'Japanese Pizza.'
You can make this attractive food very easily with some materials and a griddle-if you don't have it, don't worry. It's enough with a common pan! Now, if you want to try this food, let's see the recipe.

▷ Ingredients
: Okonomi flour(or general flour), water, eggs, cabbage, green onions, other vegetables(if you want), topping; bacon, beef, shrimp, squid or whatever you want, Okonomi sauce, mayonnaise.
※Optional: Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes), Aonori (Seaweed Flakes)

▷ Direction

1. In a large bowl, WHISK together okonomiyaki flour and water until smooth
2. CUT cabbage into 3cm strips and SLICE green onions thinly.
3. ADD eggs, cabbage, onions, chopped shrimp or squid(if you want) to the bowl and MIX
4. Oil a griddle and POUR the mixture on the griddle
5. FORM it into pancake around 1.5cm thick
6. ADD bacon pieces on the top of the pancake and WAIT for 3 minutes
7. FLIP OVER pancake and COOK for 3-4 minutes again
8. FLIP pancake again and WAIT for 3-4 minutes
9. Move pancake to plate and Put okonomi sauce and mayonnaise on the pancake
(If you prepare Katsuobushi and Aonori, put them on too)
10. FINISH! and ENJOY Okonomiyaki !!!

☆ Additional Tips!

Okonomiyaki can go really well with cold beer because of the sweetish taste. In addition to, you can freely manage the size of it, so you cut it into bite size and enjoy it with some cold beverages and your friends.

※ Reference

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My favorite cocktail : Baileys milk

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Here is my favorite cocktail, Baileys milk! 
It's soft and sweet like latte so it's recommendable to women and people who are not in a mood to drink strong alcohol. The recipe is simple and easy. Prepare Baileys, milk and ice cubes and mix them up. If you want a soft drink, pour more milk. My favorite mixing is 1 Baileys with 2 pure milks. Follow up the instruction below!

A bottle of Baileys
Milk (the amount of milk depends on the taste of people, but it usually needs more than the amount of Baileys)
Ice cubes

(1) Pour Baileys in on the rocks.
(2) Pour milk gently and stir slowly.
(3) Enjoy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

All that food

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Welcome to All That Food.

Our blog is made to introduce foods and something to drink from all over the world. It doesn't only mean elaborate and fancy food, but also easy and simple food which can be cooked by people who don't have much experience in cooking. Moreover, various kinds of drinking will be introduced. I hope all visitors have a lot of fun with the foods, beverages and alcohol that we post!