Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Okonomiyaki; Japanese Pizza

Shall we try 'Okonomiyaki'?

Have you ever heard about Okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki was invented in Osaka in Japan and these days, it is internationally gaining in popularity beyond the whole Japan. Okonomiyaki has basically sweetish flavor pretty similar to Teriyaki sauce, and you can put any topping in it whatever you want as the meaning of the name-'Okonomi' means what you like and 'Yaki' means grilled. But the most popular toppings are pork and shrimp. The basic ingredients are not fatty and included some vegetables so that Okonomiyaki is pretty good for health and diet as well as the taste. It looks like a kind of pizza, so it can be simply explained like 'Japanese Pizza.'
You can make this attractive food very easily with some materials and a griddle-if you don't have it, don't worry. It's enough with a common pan! Now, if you want to try this food, let's see the recipe.

▷ Ingredients
: Okonomi flour(or general flour), water, eggs, cabbage, green onions, other vegetables(if you want), topping; bacon, beef, shrimp, squid or whatever you want, Okonomi sauce, mayonnaise.
※Optional: Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes), Aonori (Seaweed Flakes)

▷ Direction

1. In a large bowl, WHISK together okonomiyaki flour and water until smooth
2. CUT cabbage into 3cm strips and SLICE green onions thinly.
3. ADD eggs, cabbage, onions, chopped shrimp or squid(if you want) to the bowl and MIX
4. Oil a griddle and POUR the mixture on the griddle
5. FORM it into pancake around 1.5cm thick
6. ADD bacon pieces on the top of the pancake and WAIT for 3 minutes
7. FLIP OVER pancake and COOK for 3-4 minutes again
8. FLIP pancake again and WAIT for 3-4 minutes
9. Move pancake to plate and Put okonomi sauce and mayonnaise on the pancake
(If you prepare Katsuobushi and Aonori, put them on too)
10. FINISH! and ENJOY Okonomiyaki !!!

☆ Additional Tips!

Okonomiyaki can go really well with cold beer because of the sweetish taste. In addition to, you can freely manage the size of it, so you cut it into bite size and enjoy it with some cold beverages and your friends.

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Jim (Woo Jin Kim) said...

I do love this. It definitely goes well with the popular Japanese alcohol called Sake

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