Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paella : My favorite Spanish Dish:D


'Paella' is a typical Valencian rice dish. You can call it just Spanish food though.
At my favorite town in Korea, there is an awesome spanish restaurant, called 'El Plato.'
When I wanted to serve my best friend some special dinner for celebrating his college entrance,
I took him there and bought him a paella. It was just right. I and he loved that!!

The combination of plenty seafood flavor and special spanish rice was fantastic.
This dish looks not that luxury nor formal, but you can enjoy not only taste but also mood.
(actually Paella is very popular home dish, but it all depends on how you make)

First of all, this dish is not that easy nor simple. Nevertheless, it's worth a try!:D
then, Let's start!!


- chicken broth 4 cups
- crushed saffran
- extra virgin Olive oil 1 Ts
- chicken thighs 4 pieces, chorizo 2
- onion 1/2, tomato 2
- arborio rice 1 and 1/2 cups
- mussel 24 or mussel 12 shrimp 12
- paprika powder 1ts, salt , ground pepper


1. Warm an oven up at 350.
2. Put some salt and ground pepper on Chicken thighs.

3. Slice Chorizos.

4. Pour Chicken broth, paprika powder and saffran in a bowl.

5. Cook the soup over low heat.

5. Put some oil on a pan which can be used in an oven.

6. Put chicken pieces on a pan and

7. Cook for 5-6min per each side of chicken.

8. Add chorizos in a pan.

9. Cook for 3-4min

10. Add chopped onions and garlic in a pan.

11. Cook for a minute.

12. Add tomatos in a pan.

13. Cook for 7-8min.

14. Add arborio rice in a pan.

15. Stir and Cook.

16. Pour the chicken broth soup in a pan.

17. Add salt 1/2 ts.

18. Stir and Cook for 7-8min.

19. Add mussels ( if you prepared shrimps, add them too.)

20. Put a pan in an oven.

21. Cook for 10-12min.

22. Cold it for a while.

23. Enjoy your meal!!

※ reference of recipe

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