Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A dinner with housemates and a Guest, Loren!

This dinner was supposed to be way smaller than what it actually was. I just invited Loren and thought of having simple ready-made foods like pizza and French fries. However, because of the fact that we had plenty of ingredients such as pork, cabbage, eggs, carrots, curry powder and so on, we put a little bit more effort into preparing this dinner. What we cooked was listed below.

1) Korean egg roll
Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of this. This is such an easy and simple side dish which goes well with steamed rice.
a. Prepare eggs and vegetables such as carrots and onions.

b. Break eggs and stir in a bowl. Try to make the liquid of egg just yellow, but not white.

c. Put vegetables chopped into the bowl and stir together.

d. Put a little bit oil on a fry pan and wait till the appropriate temperature.

e. Pour egg combined with vegetables into the pan and make a thin layer.
f. When cooking, roll over the egg and make it roll-shaped

g. Enjoy!

2) Boiled pork and cabbages

Can you see the picture of two pots? The white pot is used to boil pork and cabbages.
a. Prepare pork, cabbages and a sauce named Ssam Jang which is a typical Korean bbq sauce.

b. make slight cuts in the big chunk of pork in order to help the inside chunk to be perfectly cooked.
c. boil cabbages first and pork seperately.

d. Enjoy!

To enjoy this in proper way, let me give you a tip.

a. Lay a piece of cabage down on your hand and put a piece of pork on
it. If the piece of cabbage is big enough to wrap more stuff up, you may put rice on it.

b. dip it in the sauce.

c. Enjoy!

3) Japanese curry

Japanese curry is different from what you expect from Indian curry. If you like curry but haven’t tried this one yet, I strongly recommend having this. The way of making this is basically same as normal curries. Just go get a Japanese curry powder and make it!

How to make curry will be covered in another posting more specifically.

4) Steamed rice

We used Korean rice. Korean rice has some attributes which differentiate itself from rice produced in other countries, including India and South Asia.

It’s stickier which is a positive attribute for people who like the ‘chewing’ texture of rice. In addition, it’s reasonably cheap. (I don’t know why, but it is cheaper than other rice from Thailand or Japan in an Asian market in Hayward.)

We had an awesome time with the foods and games which we played right after having the meal. Do you want to be invited to our lovely place? We’re having an event to invite people weekly and will serve nice food. The details of this event will soon be uploaded!

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