Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Eat Small Meals to Increase Metabolism

[ How to Eat Small Meals to Increase Metabolism]

Eating several small meals throughout the day may allow weight loss to happen quicker then traditional eating routines. This is because eating 4 to 6 meals daily keeps your metabolism consistently burning. The result of this behavior can actually train your body to burn more calories over time, resulting is quicker weight loss. Here's a guide to eating small meals to increase your metabolism.


Step 1) Plan 4 to 6 small meals each day. Plan meal intervals no longer then 3 hours apart. Eating at regular intervals keeps your metabolism burning all day long.

Step 2) Eat breakfast early in the day. Within 1 hour of waking up, make sure to eat breakfast. This will allow your metabolism to run quicker then if you eat later or skip breakfast altogether. According to WebMd, people who eat breakfast every day tend to consume less total calories and therefore lose weight quicker.

Step 3) Prepare your meals in advance. Meals are often skipped because people get too busy. Pre-chopping fruits and vegetables and planning your meals each day will ensure even if you're busy, you won't skip meals.

Step 4) Incorporate fiber into each meal. Eating fiber at each meal will make you feel more satisfied and ensure you don't overeat. Good sources of fiber are whole wheat bread, cereals such as bran and oatmeal and fruits and vegetables.

Step 5) Increase your water consumption. Sometimes your body misinterpret signals of thirst and hunger. When consuming several meals each day, drink at least 8 ounces of water with each meal. This will ensure you drink enough fluids, which will keep you hydrated.

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