Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The best food for hungry night! ; Quick Rabokgi (Ramen + Rice cake)

"Quick Rabokgi"


Ramen, Rice cake(for Ddokbukgi) Green Oinon, Onion, Green Pepper,

0.5 Spoon Red Pepper Powder, 0.8 Spoon Red Pepper Paste,

2/3 Ramen Powder, 3 cups of Water, Sesame

[How to make]

1. Put the Rice cake in the water for few mins.

2. Slice the vegetables and set aside.

3. Put three cups of water in the pot and then if the water boils, put the rice cakes and ramen in the water.

4. Pull 2/3 of the water then put vegetables, red pepper powder, red pepper paste and ramen powder.

5. Cook all the ingredient.

6. Now, you can enjoy your food~

Do you like spicy food? Here is special food for people who like spicy food.
This is one of Korean's favorite food! Of course, you have to buy some Korean ingredients.
If you have ingredients, however, it is really easy to make.
If you feel hungry at night, you can make this easily!
This is also one of my favorite.
When I invite my friends, it's good food to treat. ^-^ They always like it!


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Anonymous said...

I really need this food right now!!! Argh!!! T_T

Anonymous said...

It encourages my appetite. :D

chaney said...

oh~ my~ Rabboggi~~!!
I can go out can eat it. Haha ^_^;
I live in korea now~
(3month ago, I live in America;;)

Anonymous said...

I need you...

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