Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicken & Beer! ; an unchanging truth

Oh-My-God. I'm almost excited just by thinking it. When weather is so hot and you are so thirsty and hungry, like after a concert finished, especially at night, you might carve this beautiful combination, cold beer and fried chicken.
Recognized by most, the best partner with beer fried chickens are probably consumed amazingly as so beer. So internationally there are a variety of kinds of chicken cooking. I'm going to introduce a very popular chicken cooking in Korea, Fried chicken with spicy seasoning!

▷ Ingredients

- popcorn chicken (for your convenience. If you don't mind, please prepare chicken and flour and buttermilk for frying chicken.)
- Red pepper paste 2 and half spoons
- Ketchup 2 spoons
- Soy sauce 2 and half spoons
- Vinegar 1 and half spoons
- Strawberry jam 2 spoons
- Sugar 1 and half spoons
- Starch syrup 1 spoon
- Ginger powder 1/2 small spoon
- Crushed garlic 2 spoons
- Copped 1/4 onion
for convenience

▷ Directions

1. Fried popcorn chicken following direction on the box
2. Pour other all ingredients into a pot
3. Cook it over medium heat until it simmers.
4. Mix the sauce with fried chicken or Dip the chicken in the sauce.
5. Enjoy it with cold beer!!


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