Friday, April 9, 2010

Fried Slice Potatoes ; The easiest food in the world?!

"Fried Slice Potatoes"


4 Potatoes, 1 Carrot, 1/3 spoon Minced garlic, Herb Salt, Sesame, Oil.

(If you want to, add mushrooms, onions or green pepper.)

 [How to make]

(1) Wash the potatoes and the Carrot then peel them.

(2) Slice them.

(3) Put them into water to protect to become sticky
                                        (It’s because of Starch)

(4) Oil a pan and put the potatoes and the carrot.

(5) Put other ingredients. (Minced garlic, Herb Salt)

(6) Fry until it becomes crisp.

(7) Put sesame over the food and Enjoy it!

You don't have time to cook but you want to something special? Here is the easiest food in the world.
It takes only 20-30 mins to make. Serve with the rice. You'll like it.

This food is one of my favorite side dish. When I was a middle school student, my parents were busy so sometimes I had to cook for me and my younger sister. I don't like Kimchi at that time (Now, I can't live without that!) So I cooked this for lunch. Now you know, this food is really easy to make! Even a middle school student can cook! In addtion to that, the fried slice potato is  really delicious XD. You'll want to eat this everytime! Never get bored!

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It looks very tasty.
I'll trying cook this food, right now.

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Yeah it's very easy to cook!

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