Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long Island Iced Tea ; a sweet temptation

Whenever I go to bar, I often order a Long Island Iced Tea. Because I can enjoy not only the sweetish flavor of tea but also a high alcohol concentration. So if you drink this cocktail, you can get both chances to have a lot of fun and a little bit relaxation with tipsiness.
Long Island Iced Tea was first served in the late 1970s by Robert Butts, a bartender at the Oak Beach Inn, in the Town of Babylon, Long Island, New York. Since the color of the cocktail looked like the color of the sunset at Long Island beach and it has tea flavor too, so the drink had the name, Long Island Iced Tea.
Although this sweet cocktail needs 5 different alcohol ingredients, it apparently deserves to be tried! Let's see the recipe.

▷ Ingredients
- 1/2 oz triple sec
- 1/2 oz light rum
- 1/2 oz gin
- 1/2 oz vodka
- 1/2 oz tequila
- 1 or 2 oz sour mix (if you don't have it, lemon juice is also okay)
- cola
- lemon wedge for garnish (Optional!)

▷ Direction

1. Pour the triple sec, light rum, gin, vodka, tequila and sour mix into a shaker with ice
2. Shake about 10 times
3. Pour the drink into a collins glass
4. Top the glass off with cola
5. Garnish with the lemon wedge

※ Caution: If you are a female beginner in alcohol, please be careful when you try this cocktail especially with a strange guy. The first taste is sweet and really good, but it may make you drunk a little when you finish it. So..Watch out for guys who suggest you to drink a Long Island Iced Tea at bar. He may be coming on you!

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Anonymous said...

Drink again? kkkkkk

Ipaly said...

well, actually it's my first drink posting! and..Is drinking that bad? I don't think so~kkkkk

TaeYoung said...

Eundaram! Not to drink alcohol in your whole life. - Kwak L.

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